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"Every masterpiece takes shape with three elements. The idea, the canvas and the execution."

T&C has its details in place to be called a masterpiece in itself. It began with an idea. The simple yet significant idea of providing people with the best in textiles. In the year 2001 it was established as an enterprise that distributed quality textiles across India. From the humble beginnings, it grew exponentially in a short span of time. This served as a founding stone for the brand. Mr. Ramanath M Kotian, the founder of T&C had a broader vision for it. He extended his expertise and ambition by creating a range of readymade garments with the support of Mr. Jayaprasad M Kotian & Mr. Rajesh M Kotian.

The next step of creation was the canvas. Here the canvas was readymade shirts and trousers for professionals. The founder being a thorough professional himself, shaped this brand as his natural expression. The designs, the stitches and fabrics were and always are perfected to the last detail. It soon captured the imagination of corporate world. From 500 pieces per month to 50000 per month, the brand has retained its integrity and craftsmanship in every garment that is been fabricated.

The final act of execution has much more than just meeting the eyes. Apart from being splendid, the garments are also true value for money. This philosophy makes it really accessible to a wider range audience. And also gives the brand an opportunity to cater to various customers and also challenges. The axiom has paid well since the brand T&C has made its presence felt across India. It enjoys being a leading supplier in the states of Karnataka, Goa, Maharashtra,Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu. It is also spreading its wings in other segments of readymade clothings. The other brands like Bhaumik, Celebrity, Toram and RXM are too gaining traction. The illustrious journey of T&C continues and will relentlessly continue to the day when quality garments will be a part of every wardrobe.

Our dream run is perceived as impossible by many. The only reason we deem worthy for it is the blessing of our beloved parents - Mr. Muthayya B Poojary and Mrs. Rathna M Kotian.

"The Choice Of New Generation"

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